3 ways to style yourself with only one hand-hammered necklace

3 ways to style yourself with only one hand-hammered necklace

We all have our own unique style, and jewellery is a great way to express ourselves! 

Necklaces had been around for over 25,000 years. The first necklace found, was made of fish bones, and discovered in a cave in Monaco. From Egypt to the Aztec civilisations, some of the oldest pieces of jewellery that were first discovered were organic beads necklaces made out of shell? Read more below, and join the discussion in the comments section.


There are some great reasons why we wear necklaces, but the most obvious answer is because necklaces let us express ourselves. They can change the look of a simple tee-shirt, to a ball gown, jacket or sweater. 

According to Tiara, necklaces can be styled and worn anywhere and they go with anything. "We wear jewellery when we go to events like weddings, parties, etc. We wear jewellery when we're in the malls, when we hangout with our friends, or even when we're just at home hanging out with the fam. Literally, we wear jewellery whenever and wherever we want to. There's no set of rules as to when you can wear them, but there are certainly ways on how you can style them!"

Here are three ways to style yourself with one of our hand-hammered sterling silver necklaces ... look stunning and show off unique YOU!

1. Mix and match - double up!

Sandra Berzins wearing Renate Jewellery necklaces

What better way to accessorise yourself than to wear two necklaces that look good together! Be bold enough to try it, and make sure that you're not matching necklaces in the same shape and size - they should complement each other. See the photo above for inspiration, and if you want to shop the look, click here!

 2. Go casual and be FREE!

Sandra Berzins wearing Renate Jewellery

Going to the shops? Casual Friday at work? Our hammered necklace looks funky dressed down (or up!) for a casual look. Go get yours here!

3. Put your hair up!

Sandra Bersinz wearing Renate Jewellery

Get your hair off your neck, scrape it back into a ponytail, and show off your style with a long necklace, and a short one. Rock the ponytail look with our Handmade Designer Sterling Silver Circle and Square Shaped Hammered Chain, or any of our australian-made jewellery here! You can never go wrong with this style. 

The great thing about this handmade necklace is that you can dress it up or down, whatever the day or occasion - this necklace will be a statement piece and be much admired. PLUS ... each link of this chain is made from the finest quality upcycled Sterling Silver, individually hand shaped, soldered and hand-hammered giving a unique finish and final shape, making each link similar but unique in shape. 

Come visit me at artisan markets in and around Sydney to see my expertly-made pieces up close and personal. You can find me here!

Also, you can get a copy of my e-guide on how to get three styles with only one hand-hammered necklace, PLUS a special discount code inside!
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