How to maintain your sterling silver jewellery

showing cleaning and maintaining of sterting silver pendant

Did you know that your storage choices can cause Silver Jewellery to tarnish faster and that chemicals in the air and moisture (humidity) contribute to tarnishing and discolouration of your sterling silver jewellery.

Not only is it important to regularly polish your pieces but there are other ways to keep tarnish at bay.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your silver in perfect condition and avoid being damaged or blackened from tarnish.


1. Store your jewellery in a box, preferably made of wood and coated with a clear lacquer, or a box lined with felt (which helps absorb excess moisture). This will help to preserve your pieces longer.
2. Store your silver pieces with a piece of plain blackboard chalk or silica gel in the storage box. These will absorb moisture and prevent tarnishing.
3. As sterling silver jewellery is beautiful and soft, it needs protection from damage. Wrap your silver jewellery in a soft cloth (like muslin), tissue paper or protective 
re-sealable bag to avoid scratches and tangling jewellery.
4. Wrap each piece separately.

1. Never store your jewellery in uncoated wood, rubber, and newspaper. All these can cause or hasten tarnishing, so keep all your jewellery away from these products.
2. Do not use general purpose metal polishing products on your silver, instead use proper quality silver polishing products. Polishing can prevent air and water from reacting with your silver and tarnishing it.

Remember, always put on your jewellery last when dressing apply make-up, perfume and lotions first and then put on jewellery to avoid damage to delicate items.